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Hearing aids of all kinds

Hearing aid batteries

  • Zinc-air batteries
  • Mercury-free
  • Color coding for easy recognition of the types
  • Type 10 (PR70)
  • Type 13 (PR48)
  • Type 312 (PR41)
  • Type 675 (PR44)
  • Recommended by hearing care professionals
  • Made in the European Union

Everyday life, Hospitals, Doctors

Infrared forehead thermometer

This non-contact infrared thermometer is used for measuring temperatures by collecting thermal radiation emitted from the forehead. But it could also be used to measure object temperatures in the range of 0 ~ 118 ° C.

It is easy to use, hygienic, extremely reliable and very accurate.

The high quality infrared sensors enables users to obtain precise measurements ​​within one second. An acoustic signal informs about high temperatures (fever, ambient heat).

Classified as a Class II medical device and has CE / RoHS / FCC certification.