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Mosquito-Tick-Repellent with 24h long-term effect

Still works when it really matters!

Active substance depot with long-term effect:

The active ingredient: Icaridin
Dr. Senst® Mosquito-Tick-Protection is 100% DEET-free!
Unlike DEET, Icaridin is practically odourless, non-greasy, does not attack plastics and is considered to be much better tolerated.

The carrier film: Patented polycondensate
A unique and patented polycondensate was developed to produce the longest lasting effect possible at an icaridine concentration of 20%.

The long-lasting effect: works for up to 24 hours!
The combination of the patented polycondensate with the active ingredient icaridine creates an active ingredient depot that repels mosquitoes and ticks for up to 24 hours.

Efficacy tested in the tropics:

Test with 40 volunteers in the tropics (India). Dr. Senst® Mosquito-Tick-Protection was applied to one arm and one leg.
The volunteers were asked to go for a walk in the evening and early morning when the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes is highest.

The result:

Everyday life, leisure, vacation
Can be used in all areas including the tropics.


  • Patented depot effect. Works for up to 24 hours!
  • 2in1: Effective against gnats, biting flies, tiger mosquitoes and ticks
  • Active ingredient base: Icaridin. 100% DEET-free!
  • Enriched with high-quality care substances (aloe vera extract)
  • Excellent skin compatibility confirmed by dermatest®.
  • Pleasant, fresh fragrance
  • Developed and produced in Germany
  • Free from animal testing
  • Vegan