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About Dr. Senst

We want you and your loved ones to be well! For this purpose, we provide professional users and private individuals with a wide range of high-quality, medical products for health control, health care, physical well-being and personal health protection - for an active, healthy and happy life.


Your health is the focus of everything we do!

What we're looking out for.

Everything from one source!

Very wide range of products for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and wellness.

Ease of use!

The simple and safe use is ensured with each of our products.

Highest quality!

Comprehensive testing and inspection procedures ensure the high quality of our products.

Our product categories.

Everything for your health.

Health Control

Health Control

Clinical thermometers
Blood pressure monitors
Pulse oximeter
Blood glucose meters
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Therapy  & Wellbeing

Therapy & Wellbeing

Muscle Stimulation
Massage Devices
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Health Protection

Health Protection

Protective masks
Protective gloves
Insect repellent
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Clinically validated. All our medical devices have been subjected to a rigorous clinical testing protocol in accordance with the strict requirements of the European Medical Device Legislation and have passed with certification.

Sven Carbow
Managing Director

Tips for your health

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