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We provide a wide range of products for personal protection to professional users and private households. From respiratory masks to disinfectants and insect repellents to protective gloves, we offer the right solution for every need and application.

The impeccable quality of all Dr. Senst® products are the focus of our activities. That is why we invest significant parts of our resources in quality control. Only leading manufacturers who adhere to our high quality standards are qualified by us as suppliers. Incoming goods are systematically checked and production processes are seamlessly monitored. Our QA team accompanies our projects from the beginning and develops together with leading, independent testing institutes a comprehensive plan to ensure the perfect quality of the products we deliver.

How we proceed

Dr. Senst® is responsible for ensuring the constant quality and safety as well as the reliable delivery of our products. We feel obliged to act fairly in the global supply chain, with a focus on people’s rights and health throughout the entire production process.

A large part of the Dr. Senst® products for personal protection were originally designed for the use in nursing wards, medical practices and hospitals and follow the high quality requirements in this area of ​​application – which tests by neutral institutes confirm.

Whenever possible, we try to use local production. In this respect, we are able to offer a large number of Dr. Senst® products with the label “Made in Germany”.

Our aim is not to be satisfied with what already exists. We enjoy constantly optimizing and developing our range of products in close collaboration with our customers.

On the basis of long-term and trustworthy cooperation with selected partners in the field of research and production, we ensure that Dr. Senst® products are of consistently high quality. Furthermore we are constantly improving our product portfolio in order to offer you the best alternatives for your personal protection.

Product Portfolio

Highly effective disinfectants

At Dr. Senst you are sure to find the right effective soltution for hand disinfection, surface disinfection, hospitality disinfection, practice disinfection, disinfection of the workplace and shoe disinfection. All of our products are highly effective disinfectants (99.99%) that safely eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi by being very skin-friendly at the same time.

360 ° insect protection

With our insect repellent products, we offer unique all-round protection.

The Dr. Senst® Mosquito Stop Scent-Screen keeps mosquitoes and wasps at a safe distance and is an excellent alternative to electrical mosquito repellants.

The Dr. Senst® Mosquito Tick Protection Spray impresses with its unique long-term effect (up to 24h) and excellent skin tolerance.

And Dr. Senst® insect bite roll-on offers immediate help after insect bites on a purely natural basis.

Respiratory protection & mouth-nose masks

FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 respiratory protection & mouth-nose masks

Which protective face mask do I need?

The right mouth or respiratory protection depends on the intended use. We offer a complete range. Our disposable mouth and nose masks are suitable for everyday use. We have face masks and surgical masks with filter performance for doctors and medical specialists. To protect the respiratory tract from fine dust pollution, half masks with a particle filter should be selected, which are divided into protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP 3 depending on the filter performance.

Protective gloves

Our disposable gloves made of vinyl, latex or nitrile offer safe external and internal protection against infections and prevent the spread of germs. They are ideal for use in gastronomy, work, practice or everyday life. The disposable protective gloves are available as sterile or non-sterile versions.

Medical electrical equipment

In the medical electrical equipment category, we are constantly developing new products for health control, therapy and the improvement of wellbeing. With our infrared clinical thermometer, you can determine body and surface temperatures contactlessly and precisely. The Dr. Senst® hearing aid batteries are mercury-free and guarantee safe and long-lasting operation of the hearing aid.